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Honduras COMSA Marcala

Dark RoastSingle Origin


Flight Seasonal Espresso

Light-Medium RoastBlend


Organic Nicaragua

Dark RoastSingle Origin


Organic Funky Chicken

Medium-Dark RoastBlend





Waxwing All-Purpose Blend

Medium-Dark RoastBlend


Organic Starr Hill Stout

Medium-Dark RoastBlend


Organic Decaf Funky Chicken

Medium-Dark RoastSingle Origin


Organic Decaf

Medium RoastSingle Origin





  • “We work hard and your coffee gets me up and going everyday so I can kick my day off right! I love seeing you guys grow and love introducing RR to my friends. Truly a hit every time!”

    Daniel O.

  • “Thanks Red Rooster! And thank you for serving your community and treating your employees and coffee farmers right!”

    Rachel D.

  • “I just received my Trust the Process box set. This was first I tried, and wow!”

    Collin C.

  • “How the heck do you guys do it?? I've been a coffee maven since forever and bought some of the highest rated coffees in the world and you guys ROCK IT!”

    Todd M.

In the Press

Top 30 Coffees 2015-2021 on Coffee Review and 40+ coffees scoring over 90.

  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural

    Sweetly tart, fruit-driven, chocolaty. Brightly sweet with vibrant, high-toned acidity; lively, syrupy mouthfeel. Long, lingering, flavor-saturated finish, juicy and bright.

  • Sweet Holiday Blend

    Deeply sweet, richly fruit-forward. Dark chocolate, tangerine zest, candied hazelnut, fresh-cut fir, cinnamon in aroma and cup.

  • Flight Seasonal Espresso

    Richly spice-toned, deeply floral. Honeysuckle, black cherry, baking spices, dark chocolate, amber in aroma and small cup.

  • Organic Floyd Farmhouse Blend

    The gentle finish centers around notes of baking chocolate and hazelnut with magnolia undertones.

  • Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Natural

    Buoyant, delicate, vivacious. A bouquet of flowers — rose, magnolia, more — plus lemon, sandalwood, fresh tobacco in aroma and cup.

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