From planting to pour, coffee is a collective effort.

At Red Rooster Coffee, our mission is to roast and deliver the finest quality coffee while fostering meaningful relationships at home and around the world.

Since our establishment in 2010, Red Rooster has made donations of food, coffee, and finances to numerous organizations and community groups including our local food bank, education programs, and fire fighters. We make an effort to source our Red Rooster merchandise locally or from responsible partners. We also maintain an on-site daycare for the use of our employees and the community.

It is an honor to be able to give back to our community, thank you for making all of this possible.


How we give back
  • Yellow Hen Day Care

    In 2019, Red Rooster opened Yellow Hen, a licensed daycare operation located inside the same building as our coffee shop and roasting facility. Yellow Hen is aimed primarily at providing a convenient, affordable and high-quality childcare option for the Red Rooster staff.

  • Sustainability & Respect

    We honor the community behind every cup by exclusively offering premium quality coffees, transparently sourced from estates and farms that treat both the land, and the people who work it, with respect.

  • Environmental Action

    Using earth friendly choices whenever possible, Red Rooster supports initiatives and selects partners that actively work to mitigate and offset the impact the industry has on our planet.

  • Impact & Accountability

    As an organization, Red Rooster actively engages its employees in guiding the direction, and determining the effectiveness, of our social and environmental missions through the support of employee committees on sustainability, diversity, and daycare.

Partnering with Our Forest

We are excited to have found a reforestation partner with a tangible and impactful commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

Our Forest makes it easier for companies, like Red Rooster, to support tree planting programs that have a proven track record for success.

The Problem

At Red Rooster, we are keenly aware of the damaging effects corporate coffee production has on our planet. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world, trailing only water. Worldwide, the use of monocrop coffee production is leading to deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution.

Our Responsibility

We strive for sustainability in our daily operations by offering coffee bags that are made of 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics and are manufactured in Virginia. We compost our chaff with local organic farms and minimize our footprint by recycling and reusing within our facilities.

However, in recognition of the impact our industry has on our planet, we believe that supporting trusted tree planting operations around the world is an important part of being a responsible company.

The Value of a Tree

Tree planting programs are proactive initiatives aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability and combating deforestation. Successful programs involve the deliberate and strategic planting of trees in specific areas, with the goals of restoring ecosystems, mitigating climate change, promoting biodiversity, and supporting local economies and communities.

We believe that engaging in the right tree planting program will contribute to the well-being of the planet by sequestering carbon dioxide, preventing soil erosion, providing habitat for wildlife, and offering numerous social and economic benefits to local communities impacted by deforestation.

Turning Profit into Value

Red Rooster's partnership with Our Forest allows us (and our customers) to have a direct impact in many of the countries that grow our coffee by funding planting and growth of depleted forests.

1% of every purchase you make contributes toward rebuilding mangrove estuaries in the Milihoi channel of Lamu, Kenya, and mixed species forests near the village of Futi in northeastern Tanzania.

Our Planet, Our Business

Lamu County, Kenya

Participant monitors recently planted saplings

This Red Rooster supported site is located within the greater Milihoi channel in Lamu county. It is near Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with an incredibly rich history. It has mangrove estuaries which are vital to the area’s ecologically diverse bird and marine life.

This area faces a number of challenges, including insufficient social services, very little freshwater, underdeveloped infrastructure, and food shortages. Reforestation work in this region restores mangrove estuaries and helps the local economy reduce food and water insecurity.

This project is part of larger work with regional and national government institutions and the surrounding agricultural and pastoral communities to restore critical forests across Kenya.

Futi Project, Tanzania

Workers prepare baby trees for planting

Nestled in the diverse landscapes of Tanzania, the Futi project champions ethical and community-led ecological restoration. With a strong emphasis on women's participation and indigenous knowledge, the Futi project focuses on restoring ecosystems vital for combating climate change and protecting endangered species habitats.

Red Rooster's partnership with Our Forest prioritizes the long-term health and survival of trees, going beyond mere numbers. The Futi project in Tanzania integrates traditional practices with modern conservation techniques, aiming to create a sustainable balance between human and ecological needs.

Collaborating closely with local communities, this initiative addresses critical challenges such as water scarcity, food security, and infrastructural development. Through this project, we strive to foster a resilient and sustainable future for Tanzania's natural heritage and its people.

Top 2023 Sponsored Programs

  • Blue Mountain School
  • New River Valley Montessori
  • Springhouse Community School
  • Young Life
  • The June Bug Center
  • Floyd County High School (FCHS) Marching Band
  • FCHS Forensics
  • FCHS Theater Department
  • FCHS Booster Club
  • FCHS Diversity Scholarship

Always Grateful

Every year, Red Rooster donates $1 from the sale of every 12 oz. bag of Grateful Coffee to a local organization or charity.

Laptops for learning

In the fall of 2023, Red Rooster purchased 11 laptops for Blue Mountain School's Ruby Class (Upper Elementary-Middle School, Ages 11-12ish).

Diversity Scholarship

2023 marked the first year of Red Rooster's new annual $1,000 Diversity Scholarship, awarded to a Floyd County High School student for college tuition.

Every purchase contributes to the success of these notable organizations, and more.