About our Wholesale Program

Built on years of experience combined with a love for coffee, a passion for design, and an appreciation for community, our wholesale program is built with one goal in mind: to help you succeed. By sourcing incredible coffee through multiple partners at origin, roasting it to exacting standards, and shipping it to our partners fresh, we make serving excellent coffee easy. And we approach every new customer with the same enthusiasm and passion, working hard to make sure that your coffee project is customized to fit your particular needs.

Different ways to do Wholesale with us

We love coffee and we love sharing coffee with people. One of our great joys at Red Rooster is building relationships with our wholesale partners. We offer a full spectrum of award winning, transparently traded, expertly processed coffees, that are roasted with care. Need bright, lively and fruit forward coffees? We've got you covered. Need approachable, chocolatey and nutty coffees? We've got those too.


  • SCA Certified Training

  • High End Equipment Sales

  • Certified Organic Offerings

  • Sustainable Packaging

Create Shelf Envy

Grocery Stores

Take your store’s coffee selection to a new level. Each of our selections is dressed with beautifully designed art, hand printed on biodegradable coffee bags, filled with award-winning coffee and shipped fresh to your store. The bright and eye-catching designs will draw your customers in, while the taste of our delicious coffee will keep them coming back for more. Whether you’re looking for a few go-to blends or a dazzling array of unique single origins, we have you covered.

Sell Our Signature Coffees

Serve with Pride

Cafes & Restaurants

Red Rooster offers a full line of exquisite single-origin coffees and blends for your cafe or restaurant. If you're thinking of opening a new cafe, looking to switch coffees, or simply thinking of adding a new roaster to your coffee service, we offer extensive options. All of our coffees come with beautiful posters, farm information, info cards and unique branding. Plus, we can help take the headache out of buying equipment and designing a welcoming and easy to use coffee space. Contact us early in your process to take advantage of our free consulting services.

Signature Blends:

Farmhouse Blend
Funky Chicken
4&20 French Roast
Old Crow Cuppa Joe
Seasonal Single Origins

Learn from the Pros

Barista Training

One of our greatest joys is teaching people about coffee and training new baristas! We love to introduce people to the complex and exciting world of coffee. Our intensive two-day Coffee 101 and Espresso 101 are supported by our team of dedicated coffee professionals whose only goal in life is to help make your cafe great!

Join our growing list of exceptional cafe partners to take advantage of our training and consulting programs.

  • Cupping
  • Recipes
  • Manager Training
  • Equipment Training

Build the Dream Cafe

Equipment Sales

For many coffee shops, the espresso machine is the backbone of the business, helping to create a beautiful space while providing delicious specialty drinks to loyal clientele. Red Rooster offers discounts on top of the line espresso machines as part of our full service coffee program. All of our machines are sold with installation and technical support packages, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are serving superior coffee on a top of the line machine. We offer extremely competitive prices on equipment, so if you're thinking of starting a cafe, contact us before purchasing a machine.


  • Discounted Prices
  • Installation
  • Technical Support

Espresso Machines

  • Slayer
  • La Marzocco
  • Nuova Simonelli

Batch Brewing

  • Fetco
  • Wilbur Curtis

Manual Brewing

  • Hario
  • Chemex
  • Aeropress

Here to help

Consulting Services

Our goal at Red Rooster is to assist our customers in any way we can. We offer free consulting for all of our restaurant and cafe clients and we take all questions, large or small. Whether you’re an experienced coffee pro or just starting out, we recommend taking all three of our class offerings - Espresso 101, Coffee Fundamentals, and Brewing 101.

All of our clients receive open-ended consultation just by purchasing our coffee. Our customer service is designed to make sure that you are supported in every facet of your coffee program.

Class Offerings

  • "Happy Coffee Drinking! When it is in the darkest of hours, in the darkest of days, may the Red Rooster coffee bring that very needed sliver of light. Each sip can be a little breath of hope beating back the darkness."

    Benjamin N.

  • "I sit on my porch every morning with my cup of Funky Chicken and I just can’t tell you how grateful I am for you guys and what you do! And I’m not just talking about coffee. ALL YOU DO! Peace and love y’all!!!"

    Rebecca B.

  • "I love you guys. Thank you for caring for our community and for caring for me by providing such awesome coffee."

    Jill S.

  • "Fired up the Dominican Republic today and AGAIN I'm blown away at the Red Rooster Roasting Scientists! Roasting them beans to the absolute perfect level. No BurnBuck$ here!!"

    Todd M.

  • "A friend of mine gifted me a bag of the Starr Hill blend that he got at a local coffee shop in Ossining, NY. It was outstanding, so I looked you folks up and I am so impressed with everything about your outfit - from standing up to racial inequality to offering childcare for all employees - that I am more than happy to support you from afar. I hope to someday make it to the shop… Keep it up and cheers!"

    Brian R.

In the Press

Top 30 Coffees 2015-2023 on Coffee Review and 50+ coffees scoring over 90.

  • Costa Rica La Candelilla Gesha Natural

    A juicy-sweet, high-toned natural-processed Costa Rica Gesha that offers stone fruit and citrus notes up front, with undertones of cocoa nib, delicate florals and sweet herbs... Elegantly fruit-forward, citrusy-sweet.

    94 - February 2024

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  • Ethiopia Shantawene Washed

    Complex, lyrically sweet. Nectarine, bergamot, cocoa nib, nougat, wisteria in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart structure with malic (apple-like) acidity; delicate, silky, very viscous mouthfeel. The harmonious finish carries through on the promise of the cup.

    96 - October 2023

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  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural

    Richly chocolaty, deeply fruity. Huckleberry, dark chocolate, pink peppercorn, amber, candied tangerine zest in aroma and cup. Juicy, balanced acidity; plush, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Flavor-saturated finish that carries over all the aroma and flavor notes from the cup into the long.

    96 - October 2023

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  • Colombia Finca Chambaku

    Tropical, deeply sweet-tart. Passionfruit, lemon verbena, cane sugar, bay leaf, cedar in aroma and cup. Crisply high-toned acidity; very full, satiny mouthfeel. Lemon verbena and bay leaf remain in the pleasing finish.

    94 - October 2023

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  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Brew Bag

    Bright, deeply fruity. Dried plum, cocoa nib, mandarin zest, freesia, oak in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart structure with crisp, citrusy acidity; very viscous, syrupy mouthfeel. Pleasing long finish consolidates to notes of dried plum and cocoa nib.

  • Colombia Santa Monica Castillo Honey Lulo

    Tangy sweet, delicately fruit-toned. Dried hibiscus flower, pistachio, cannabis, fresh perique-fermented tobacco, cotton candy in aroma and cup. Bright, juicy acidity; plush but buoyant mouthfeel. Crisp, complex, bittersweet finish.

    94 - November 2023

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  • Ethiopia Dinkalem Ademe Wush Wush Natural

    Cleanly fruit-toned, crisply chocolaty. Date, pomegranate, cocoa nib, maple syrup, fresh-cut oak in aroma and cup. Sweet structure with high-toned, balanced acidity; viscous, syrupy mouthfeel. Long, resonant, flavor-laden finish.

  • Bolivia Manantial Gesha

    Richly aromatic, floral-toned. Magnolia, cocoa nib, cane sugar, red plum, nutmeg in aroma and cup. Elegantly sweet structure with delicate, bright acidity; silky, vibrant mouthfeel. Flavor-saturated finish centered around notes of magnolia and cocoa nib, complicated by undertones of nutmeg.

  • Ethiopia Uchoro Nansebo Washed

    Elegantly bright, very balanced. Apricot, honeysuckle, almond brittle, dark chocolate, cedar in aroma and cup. Richly sweet structure with floral acidity; lively, silky mouthfeel. Long, lingering, complexly satiating finish.

  • Colombia Finca Samboni Gesha Anaerobic Natural

    High-toned, fruit-driven. Raspberry jam, cocoa nib, Meyer lemon zest, narcissus, a hint of oregano in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart structure with bright, juicy acidity; round, plush mouthfeel. The confident finish centers around notes of raspberry and cocoa nib.

    94 - December 2022

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  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural

    Sweetly tart, fruit-driven, chocolaty. Brightly sweet with vibrant, high-toned acidity; lively, syrupy mouthfeel. Long, lingering, flavor-saturated finish, juicy and bright.

  • Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Natural

    Buoyant, delicate, vivacious. A bouquet of flowers — rose, magnolia, more — plus lemon, sandalwood, fresh tobacco in aroma and cup.

    93 - August 2022

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  • Sweet Holiday Blend

    Deeply sweet, richly fruit-forward. Dark chocolate, tangerine zest, candied hazelnut, fresh-cut fir, cinnamon in aroma and cup.

  • Flight Seasonal Espresso

    Richly spice-toned, deeply floral. Honeysuckle, black cherry, baking spices, dark chocolate, amber in aroma and small cup.

  • Organic Floyd Farmhouse Blend

    The gentle finish centers around notes of baking chocolate and hazelnut with magnolia undertones.