Costa Rica La Candelilla Gesha Natural

12 oz. Bag$35

  • Light Roast
  • Single Origin

We tasted this exquisite natural gesha at the producer's cupping table in the breathtaking Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica. It was so fantastic that we bought it on the spot! Juicy and bursting with kiwi sweetness, the cup has notes of red plum and vanilla with a lime acidity.

Tasting Notes

  • Red Plum
  • Kiwi
  • Lime
  • Vanilla





Whole Bean

"A juicy-sweet, high-toned natural-processed Costa Rica Gesha that offers stone fruit and citrus notes up front, with undertones of cocoa nib, delicate florals and sweet herbs... Elegantly fruit-forward, citrusy-sweet."

Review Date: February 2024

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Sourcing & Processing

La Candelilla Estate in Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Named for the local fireflies, the La Candelilla Estate and Coffee Mill is located near the historic small town of San Marcos in southwestern Costa Rica. Nestled in the highland valley of Tarrazú, high up in the Talamanca Mountains, the mill is surrounded by abundant natural beauty and bountiful resources. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, high altitude, and temperate climate is perfect for growing high-quality coffee.

La Candelilla Estate, owned and operated by seven siblings of the Sánchez family, has the first independent mill created in Costa Rica. Before establishing the estate, each sibling managed their own land and delivered their coffee to a coop-managed mill. During the coffee crisis of 1997, the family came together and decided to pool their land and start their own wet mill. Today, the estate is thriving and growing.

La Candelilla Estate in Tarrazú, Costa Rica

This Gesha varietal was grown on Finca Palmilera, a 15 hectare plot that has been part of La Candelilla Estate for over 20 years. Didier and Pablo Sánchez manage the farm and are committed to producing quality specialty coffee through the combination of hands-on work and use of innovative technology.

For this coffee, only perfectly ripe cherries are harvested. They are carefully hand sorted to remove any defects and the select cherries are moved immediately to raised beds to dry in the sun. The coffee is carefully monitored and dried on a combination of raised beds and patios for 20 days.

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