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All our coffees are exquisite. These are truly exceptional.

Unique small-lot coffees from our globe-spanning network of artisan producers, roasted to perfection and delivered to you each month.

The Bernard Uwitije's Ibisi Mountain washing station, in partnership with the Rwanda Trading Company, has shown a consistent commitment to securing economic freedom and security for smallholder farmers.


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Making an impact at origin and at home.

  • Las Damas de San Ingacio Royal

    Farm worker picking coffee berries for Las Damas de San Ingacio Co-op, Peru

  • Ramirez Estate, Dominican Republic

    Purchasing and Farm Manager, José Ramón Rodriguez, for the Ramirez Estate, Dominican Republic

  • Jarabacoa, Republica Dominicana

    Haitian farm worker at the Ramirez Estate, Dominican Republic

Working with independent farmers and importers, we often come across truly unique coffees in quantities too small for a wide release. The Fix is our way of ensuring these micro-lots find their way to an appreciative audience. Every month, we roast one of our best finds and ship it straight to your door.

  • “I have been enjoying your coffee for 2 yrs now. The Rwanda coffee from April is something special. It’s just absolutely delicious. Thank you so much.”

    Eric F.

  • “Thank you for doing your part to help others in our community and around the world!”

    Chandra W.

  • “You're the best, no need for me to shop anywhere else. I am spreading the word.”

    Chris B.

Recent coffees from The Fix

Edita Quinde is a small farmer member of Cooperative Agraria Frontera San Ignacio. She focuses on high quality coffee from cultivation through harvest and processing, while always respecting the environment and farming organically.

Picked exclusively ripe, floated to sort by density, depulped on small mechanical depulpers, and fermented for 18-24 hours. Then the parchment is washed clean in narrow basins and sundried on raised screen beds.

Grown in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro on the Lyamungo farm, this coffee is fully washed. Drying is done on raised beds and the moisture is carefully hand monitored to ensure even drying. The designation “AA” refers to the size and consistency of the coffee beans, specifically indicating that they are larger than normal beans.

Sitio Melando is a small family farm owned by Miguel Fonseca. Ripe coffee is selectively handpicked, dried on patios, and raked frequently over approximately 17 days to ensure even drying.

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Mundo Novo


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Sitio Melado

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A blend from various small family farms managed and curated by Galo Flores and Maria Alexandra Rivera of Finca Cruz Loma. Ripe cherry is depulped immediately after picking and fermented for 20-26 hours. Then the parchment is thouroghly washed and moved to raised beds under shadefor slow and even drying.

Adola Washing Station, situated in the Guji region, is a communal wet mill located close to the town Anferara. Nearly 1500 smallholder farmers from the surrounding area contribute coffee cherries to the station each year.

This organic fair trade coffee is grown and hand picked on the volcanic slopes of Rwanda’s mountainous Gakenke district by members farmers of the Abakundakawa Cooperative. The area’s distinct micro-climate, high elevation and rich volcanic soils contribute to producing coffee with balanced sweet, floral, and fruit-forward notes.

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union has quickly become the largest Fair Trade coffee producer in Ethiopia. Grown by indigenous farmers in the southwestern rainforests of Ethiopia, Oromia’s coffee is landrace, forest grown, and 100% organic.

This organic coffee is sourced through the Sipsi Falls Coffee Project from family owned farms located in the Bugisu region on the slopes of Africa's oldest volcano, Mount Elgon. Located in Eastern Ugana, this region is named after the Gisu, also called Bugisu, people indigenous to the area.

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Grown by Oscar and Francisca Chacon on their organic farm Alajeula, this coffee was depulped and then allowed to immediately start the drying process. Considered pioneers of high-quality honey and natural process coffees in Central America, the Chacon’s continue to innovate and look for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

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