Rotating Signature Blends

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Can't choose a favorite? No problem. We'll send you a rotating selection of our classic and seasonal blends. From light to dark, bags of Farmhouse, Flight, Old Crow, Funky Chicken, Waxwing, Starr Hill, and 4&20 will magically appear at your doorstep. Also, be on the lookout for our seasonal and holiday blends!


  • Quantity discounts!
  • Available in 1-4 individual 12oz blends per shipment.
  • Charges and ships at your chosen frequency.

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Whole Bean

Sourcing & Processing

Blending, like roasting itself, is both an art and a science. We're extremely proud of our blends, from the Organic and Fair Trade staples (Farmhouse, Funky Chicken, Old Crow, 4&20) to the more exotic Flight Seasonal Espresso and the all purpose Waxwing--delicious as a drip or espresso.

These coffees are designed to deliver a full coffee experience, with full body, lots of sweetness, balanced complexity, and plenty of intensity.

Coffees offered through the Rotating: Signature Blends subscription rotate every 2 weeks and are available in 1 to 4 bag options. Five bags or more in a rotating subscription will get you two bags of the newest rotating coffee plus 3 other individual coffees.

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Unique small-lot coffees from our globe-spanning network of artisan producers, roasted to perfection and delivered to you each month.

Plus, if you choose an annual plan, we’ll send you amazing brew gear like the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle or a Moccamaster brewer for free.

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