Waxwing All-Purpose Blend


  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Blend

Roasted to the darker side of medium, this versatile blend pulls double duty as a great option for both espresso and filter coffee. When enjoyed as espresso, look for notes of milk chocolate, shortbread, salted lime, and ripe pomegranate with an orange blossom aroma. When brewed as drip coffee, the cup is soft, mellow, silky, and sweet with warm chocolate aromatics and notes of dark chocolate, raspberry, and pistachio.

Tasting Notes

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Pistachio
  • Citrus





Whole Bean

"A solid omni-blend that’s also a terrific value — deep-toned, richly sweet, quite chocolaty with lift from citrus zest."

Review Date: April 2024

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Automatic Drip

Call it a drip machine, auto-drip, or simply Mr. Coffee, everyone needs to know how to brew on an automatic home coffee brewer at one time or another.

Finding the Perfect Blend

Signature Blends

The art of coffee blending, sometimes unfairly maligned by single origin enthusiasts, has been around since the earliest days of coffee trading. The intent of a perfect coffee blend is to piece together traits of different varietals, processes, and roast profiles to develop a cup with a specific set of attributes. For example, our Funky Chicken blend is designed to suit those coffee drinkers who are interested in a slightly bolder cup of coffee, but don't want the roasty notes of a dark roast, and prefer a sweet and balanced finish. This is achieved through what is known as a "post-roast" blend, meaning 3 coffees are roasted to 3 profiles and then blended together at specific ratios. In contrast, the Floyd Farmhouse is a "pre-roast" blend (coffees are blended in green form, then roasted to the same profile) and designed to have a fruit forward, sweet, and milder taste profile. The Old Crow (post-roast blend) is designed to taste great as espresso, and the 4&20 (pre-roast blend) is our darkest blend offering.

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