Organic Starr Hill Stout

12 oz. Bag$17

  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Blend

This blend was created as a collaboration with our friends at Starr Hill Brewery to be used in their fabulous coffee cream stout, Little Red Roostarr. Perfect by itself and excellent when paired with cream and sugar, our Starr Hill Stout Blend is a smooth and complex coffee. The three components, from Nicaragua, Timor, and Rwanda create a rich traditional style medium-dark blend with just a hint of citrus sweetness in the finish.

Tasting Notes

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Sweet Citrus





Whole Bean

Cold Brew

I will drink it in a jar, I will drink it in a car, I will drink it at a bar, I will drink it near and far. There are lots of brew methods for cold coffee, from steeping to brewing hot over ice. Try them all and pick a favorite.

Sourcing & Processing

COMULFAC - Jinotega, Nicaragua

COMULFAC (Cooperativa Multifuncional Family Coffee R.L.) is located in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Coop member farmers cultivate coffee on farms that average 4 to100 acres in size and use their own micro-mills to process harvested cherries, allowing for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee.

COMULFAC was established with assistance from J&M Family (a privately owned export company in Jinotega), which has been purchasing coffee from these farmers for several years. The idea behind establishing a cooperative model was to help the farmers organize their efforts and combine their resources to develop social projects aimed at improving the quality of life in their communities.

Cooperative Cafe Timor - Timor, Indonesia
Cooperative Cafe Timor - Timor, Indonesia

The Cooperativa Cafe Timor (CCT) works with very small farms on the island of East Timor in Indonesia. Coffee cultivation on East Timor was originally established over 400 years ago by Portuguese colonists, but leaf rust destroyed all production until a new coffee varietal called Híbrido de Timor (Timor Hybrid) was introduced in the 1900s.

Today, the average small farmer grows coffee on less than one hectare of land. CCT was established in 1994 with the help of the USDA and the NCBA to help small producers market their coffee internationally. Through a free healthcare initiative, CCT has funded the operation of seven rural clinics, three mobile clinic teams and eleven community healthcare teams that have treated more than two million patients since 2001.

Misozi Kopaki Coop - Karongi, Rwanda
Misozi Kopaki Coop - Karongi, Rwanda

The Kopaki Cooperative is a group of over 800 small farmers in the Karongi District of Western Rwanda. The coop was formed to bring local coffee growers, resources, and knowledge together with the goal of creating high quality coffee.

Kopaki is a part of the larger coop group Misozi. The Misozi Cooperative Group organizes the final processing and exportation of coffee for a number of smaller coops. The Misozi and Kopaki coops are proudly certified Organic and Fair Trade to guarantee transparency and fairness throughout their growing community.

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