Annual Rotating Single Origins

12 oz. Bags$215

  • Single Origin

An exciting selection of our rotating seasonal coffees now available in a discounted annual subscription! Each year we cup hundreds of samples and choose a diverse variety of coffees to roast for our customers. By joining the Rotating Single Origin subscription you'll have access to an array of amazing coffees.


  • Free shipping and quantity discounts!
  • Available in 1-4 individual 12oz single origin coffees per shipment.
  • Ships monthly.

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Whole Bean

Sourcing & Processing

Throughout the year we source fresh coffee from places like Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Burundi, Colombia, Sumatra, El Salvador, and many more. We are constantly in search of the highest quality coffees to offer our customers. The Rotating Single Origin subscription allows you to taste these coffees at their freshest while always having new and exciting coffees show up at your doorstep.

Coffees offered through the Rotating: Single Origin subscription rotate every 2 weeks and are available in 1 to 4 bag options. Five bags (or more) in a rotating subscription are considered two separate subscriptions and will get you two bags of the newest rotating coffee plus 3 other individual coffees.

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Small lot coffees worthy of savoring

Unique small-lot coffees from our globe-spanning network of artisan producers, roasted to perfection and delivered to you each month.

Plus, if you choose an annual Fix plan*, we’ll send you amazing brew gear like the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle or a Moccamaster brewer for free.

(*First annual plan only)

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