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Red Rooster roasts coffees of exceptional quality, with unmatched attention to social and environmental responsibility.

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Colombia Lomaverde Chiroso Natural


Light RoastSingle Origin


Costa Rica Las Lajas Typica Black Honey


Light RoastSingle Origin

Colombia Decaf De Caña


Medium RoastDecaf

Caring about coffee starts with caring about people

From planting to pour, coffee is a collective effort. We honor the community behind every cup by exclusively offering premium quality coffees, transparently sourced from estates and farms that treat both the land, and the people who work it, with respect.

“Our business is built on the radical idea that world class quality, amazing employees, stellar customer service, and sustainable business practices are things that customers really care about.”

Haden Polseno-Hensley

Co-Founder & CEO

We’re planting trees

Red Rooster is thrilled to partner with Our Forest on our new reforestation program. 1% of every purchase contributes to the rebuilding of native forest landscapes in Kenya and Tanzania.

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Community focused roasters of exquisite coffee, making an impact at origin and at home.

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Small lot coffees curated with you in mind

Unique small-lot coffees from our globe-spanning network of artisan producers, roasted to perfection and delivered to you each month.

Plus, if you choose an annual plan*, we’ll send you amazing brew gear like the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle or a Moccamaster brewer for free.

*First annual plan only

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"Perfect for my afternoon coffee fix."

Colombia Decaf De Caña


  • Medium Roast
  • Decaf

This single origin may have left its caffeine behind, but it hasn't lost any of its complex flavors. Instead of using synthetic chemicals, this sugarcane decaffeination process utilizes a solution of mountain spring water and natural ethyl acetate to gently extract and remove caffeine while maintaining the bean's intrinsic structure. Look for notes of praline, lemongrass, and lime with a graham cracker sweetness.





Whole Bean
  • "Happy Coffee Drinking! When it is in the darkest of hours, in the darkest of days, may the Red Rooster coffee bring that very needed sliver of light. Each sip can be a little breath of hope beating back the darkness."

    Benjamin N.

  • "I sit on my porch every morning with my cup of Funky Chicken and I just can’t tell you how grateful I am for you guys and what you do! And I’m not just talking about coffee. ALL YOU DO! Peace and love y’all!!!"

    Rebecca B.

  • "I love you guys. Thank you for caring for our community and for caring for me by providing such awesome coffee."

    Jill S.

  • "Fired up the Dominican Republic today and AGAIN I'm blown away at the Red Rooster Roasting Scientists! Roasting them beans to the absolute perfect level. No BurnBuck$ here!!"

    Todd M.

  • "A friend of mine gifted me a bag of the Starr Hill blend... It was outstanding, so I looked you folks up and I am so impressed with everything about your outfit - from standing up to racial inequality to offering childcare for all employees - that I am more than happy to support you from afar. Keep it up and cheers!"

    Brian R.

In the Press

Top 30 Coffees 2015-2023 on Coffee Review and 50+ coffees scoring over 90.

  • Waxing All-Purpose Coffee Blend ( as Espresso)

    Evaluated as espresso. Sweetly tart, richly chocolaty. Cocoa powder, Fig Newton, black cherry, cedar, hazelnut in aroma and small cup. Crisp, sattiny mouthfeel; cocoa-toned, nutty finish. In cappuccino format, richly sweet and fruit-driven.

  • Waxing All-Purpose Coffee Blend (as Pour Over)

    Crisply chocolaty, sweetly citrusy. Dark chocolate, pink grapefruit zest, tamarind, fresh-cut oak, magnolia in aroma and cup. Briskly sweet acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Chocolaty, floral-toned finish.

  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural

    Richly chocolaty, deeply fruity. Huckleberry, dark chocolate, pink peppercorn, amber, candied tangerine zest in aroma and cup. Juicy, balanced acidity; plush, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Flavor-saturated finish that carries over all the aroma and flavor notes from the cup into the long.

    96 - October 2023

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  • Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Brew Bag

    Bright, deeply fruity. Dried plum, cocoa nib, mandarin zest, freesia, oak in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart structure with crisp, citrusy acidity; very viscous, syrupy mouthfeel. Pleasing long finish consolidates to notes of dried plum and cocoa nib.