AeroPress Brewer


Remember the ring shaped flying disc that you could throw like half a mile, the Aerobie? Well, it might surprise you that the inventors of that nifty super Frisbee have actually managed to conceive of a wonderful way to brew coffee – the Aeropress. We’re happy to offer this little wonder as a great addition to our line of manual coffee brewers. Simple design, easy to use and clean. Filters included.


  • Brews great with - Old Crow, Flight, Ethiopia
  • Ratio: 1:15
  • Grind: Aeropress/Fine
  • PLEASE NOTE: Letter coloring on side of brewer may vary


Is it a bike pump or a coffee brewer? The Aeropress is fun, makes a delicious cup, and the recipes are endless. Are you into the inverted method? Take it camping and find out.

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