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Sample four unique herbal tisanes, each designed to delight your senses! Our Herbal Tisanes Sample Box contains Slumber Party (lavender, chamomile, rose petals, and mint), Wind and Rain (leaves, flowers, and dried fruits), Citrus Hibiscus (citrus, hibiscus, and rosehips), and Root Down (roots, flowers, and herbs). What’s your favorite?


  • Slumber Party
  • Wind and Rain
  • Citrus Hibiscus
  • Root Down


Makes 4-8 cups

A taste of four of our most popular tisanes blends, from the earthy to the bright and fruity.

Quick Brew Tisanes

  • 200º - 212ºF

  • 1 tsp/12 fl.oz.

  • 10 minutes

Wind and Rain

1.5 oz. can$12

WellnessCaffeine Free

Slumber Party

1 oz. can$12

WellnessCaffeine Free

Citrus Hibiscus

2 oz. can$12

Herbal TisaneCaffeine Free

Root Down

2 oz. can$12

Herbal TisaneCaffeine Free

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