Citrus Hibiscus

2 oz. can$12

  • Herbal Tisane
  • Caffeine Free

A perfect choice for a day at the beach or Sunday brunch, this refreshing caffeine-free blend is made with certified organic ingredients and tastes great hot or iced. Aloha!

Tasting Notes

  • Lemongrass
  • Fruit Punch


All ingredients are organic: hibiscus flowers, orange peel, rosehips, cinnamon, marshmallow root, spearmint, lemongrass, ginger, elderberries, star anise



Canister makes ~15 cups

A refreshing balance of sweet and tart

Quick Brew

  • 200º - 212ºF

  • 1 tsp/12 fl.oz.

  • 8 - 10 minutes


This wonderfully complex warm-weather treat combines the tartness of hibiscus flowers and rosehips, with the gentle sweetness of star anise. Ginger and spearmint leaf will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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