Bright Morning Stars

2 oz. can$14

  • Wellness
  • Blends

Specifically formulated as a safe and gentle daily beverage, this blend is packed with a thoughtful assortment of herbs and rounded with a little green tea boost. Perfect for the mindful student, teacher, and sage.

Tasting Notes

  • Crisp
  • Vegetal
  • Sweet


First Cut Sencha, organic herbs: tulsi, oatstraw, sage, peppermint, ginkgo leaf, licorice root, rosemary, schisandra berry, rhodiola root



Canister makes ~20 cups

Crisp and refreshing with a satisfying sweet vegetal body

Quick Brew

  • 200º - 212ºF

  • 1 tsp/12 fl.oz.

  • 8 - 10 minutes


As the name suggests, Bright Morning Stars was thoughtfully created to dust the mist from our minds. Made with herbs revered for their adaptogenic and psychotropic actions, this tea is becoming a staple for those looking for an edge on life, without the jitters or crash from a typical cup of coffee.

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