Wind and Rain

1.5 oz. can$12

  • Wellness
  • Caffeine Free

This tasty cold weather tisane was specifically formulated to temper the "wind and rain". Packed with safe, nutritious, organic herbs specifically for when you need them the most.

Tasting Notes

  • Herbaceous
  • Earthy
  • Sweet


All ingredients are organic: nettle, sage, marshmallow root, cinnamon, cleavers, ginger, mullein, licorice root, lemon balm, schisandra berries, fenugreek, chamomile



Canister makes ~ 25 cups

Delicious and complex, but satisfying and calming, sweet and earthy

Quick Brew Tisanes

  • 200º - 212ºF

  • 1 tsp/12 fl.oz.

  • 10 minutes


This blend of tonifying and soothing herbs was created to hit a spectrum of winter ailments and pacify the rough waters of sickness. Delicious and complex, but satisfying and calming, Wind and Rain will become an instant staple in your tea chest.

Blending our Tisane

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