Nicaragua Finca Pastoral Honey

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  • Light Roast
  • Single Origin

This innovative honey processed coffee was grown on Finca El Pastoral in the mountains of Nicaragua and has gone through a rigorous quality control process analyzing its uniformity and cup profile. Look for notes of honey graham cracker, lemon, and tangerine & pear sweetness with a creamy body and golden apple aftertaste.

Tasting Notes

  • Honey Graham Cracker
  • Tangerine
  • Golden Delicious Apple
  • Pear

Hario V60

The V60 was designed in Japan and the name comes from the vector 60, or the 60º angle of its cone. This easy to use and elegant brewer is the go-to for many home coffee enthusiasts because it makes a great cup no matter the coffee.

Sourcing & Processing

Finca El Pastoral - Jinotega, Nicaragua
Finca El Pastoral - Jinotega, Nicaragua

Agronomist Juan de Dios Castillo and his siblings created J&M Family Coffee in 2014, to directly export the coffee produced by their parents' farm. Eventually, the J&M Family Export Company (named after their parents Juan and Miriam) expanded its services to other small producers in Jinotega, helping them to access international buyers directly and gain better premiums. After setting the export operation, Juan de Dios moved on to his next project and dream, starting his own coffee farm. Finca El Pastoral, in combination with J&M Family, allowed Juan de Dios to create a vertically integrated operation, with a complete traceable process from the tree to the moment of export.

El Pastoral rests at 1100masl on 150 acres of coffee production in the mountains of Nicaragua. The farm focuses on applying innovative fermentation, like honey and natural processes, rather than the traditional washed process used in Nicaragua. The coffee in the parchment stage is then dried at the J&M Family dry mill. After which, the coffee is prepared for the export process, passing through a rigorous quality control process that analyzes the cup profile and uniformity of the green coffee.

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