Colombia Finca El Maco

12 oz. Bag$22

  • Light Roast
  • Honey Process

This micro-lot was grown by Hugo Agreda on his small family farm, Finca El Maco, in Nariño Colombia. By switching to specialty coffee production and focusing on honey processing, he has improved his family's income and quality of life. Hugo's honey process results in a balanced cup with juicy acidity and a depth of sweetness.

Tasting Notes

  • Fresh Apricot
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Pink Lady Apple
  • Tangerine





Whole Bean





2200 masl


Hugo Agreda

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Clever Dripper

A combination of immersion and pour over, the Clever makes it easy to get a full bodied cup of coffee by steeping the coffee, like a French Press, then filtering it like a V60.

Sourcing & Processing

Hugo Agreda on his farm Finca El Maco in Nariño, Colombia
Hugo Agreda on his farm Finca El Maco in Nariño, Colombia

The mountains of the Nariño department (in southwestern Colombia) are home to many small holder coffee producers. The high elevation and rich volcanic soil make this one of Colombia's best specialty coffee growing regions.

Hugo Agreda has been growing coffee on his small family farm, Finca El Maco, for the past decade. Inspired by neighboring farmers, he switched from washing his coffee in the traditional Colombian way to honey processing it around 3 years ago. This change to specialty coffee has improved Hugo's income and allowed him to invest in his house and improve the living conditions for his family. Looking to the future, Hugo hopes that his two children will work the farm with him and eventually take it over.

In honey processing, the skin (or pulp) of the coffee cherry is carefully removed, while leaving as much of the sticky mucilage as possible. This extends the time it takes for the coffee to dry, resulting in a sweet and fruity cup.

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