Rwanda Cyesha Natural

12 oz. Bag$22

  • Light Roast
  • Single Origin

This natural process coffee comes to us from the volcanic highlands of Nyamasheke, near lake Kivu in Rwanda. The careful quality control of the Cyesha washing station insures only the top notch beans are selected. A long and labor intensive drying process creates a cup that is sweet and fruity with a light body and Sauvignon blanc acidity.

Tasting Notes

  • Papaya
  • Lime
  • Tamarind
  • Golden Raisin







1,550 masl

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Kalita Wave

The flat bottom of this handy brewer is the key to making a consistently delicious cup, forcing water to reach all crevices of the ground coffee and developing a richer flavor along the way.

Sourcing & Processing

Cyesha Washing Station in Nyamasheke, Rwanda
Cyesha Washing Station in Nyamasheke, Rwanda

The Cyesha Coffee Washing Station is located in Nyamasheke, Rwanda near Lake Kivu. The combination of high altitude, volcanic soil, and wind flow from the lake creates the perfect condition for coffee cultivation, processing, and drying.

Cyesha is the newest washing station owned by the Muraho Trading Company. Muraho was founded by brothers Karthick and Gaudam Anbalagan with the goal to showcase Rwanda specialty coffee to the world market.

Cyesha is focused on producing only the highest quality coffee. Ripe red cherries are carefully checked, hand sorted, and floated before being laid out in single layers on African beds to dry. The temperature is monitored and controlled with the cherries being turned every 30 minutes during the daylight hours. Quality control continues throughout this process with extensive hand picking. The drying process takes an average of 43 days.

View of Lake Kivu from Cyesha in Nyamasheke, Rwanda
View of Lake Kivu from Cyesha in Nyamasheke, Rwanda
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