Timemore Chestnut C3S Manual Coffee Grinder


An excellent entry-level hand grinder, the C3S is Timemore's most recent update on their popular C2. With a 25g capacity and 35 grind settings, this grinder has what you need to brew at home or on the go. All you need is a little muscle power, and the C3S can produce a consistent grind from super fine Turkish, to the course French Press and Cold Brew. It really shines, though, for quick and consistent pour-overs.


25g capacity


Timemore was launched in 2012 by several coffee lovers, who combined great design, craft and the idea of slowing down in life into one beautiful set of products. They specialize in the designing and developing of original hand-made coffee equipment. Passion, functionality, and precision at every step of brewing coffee! Their hand grinders are versatile, durable, and very affordable for the quality.

Manufacturer: Timemore

Model: C3S

Manufacturer Origin: China

Dimensions: 147mm H, 57mm D, 530g,

Handle: 159mm

Capacity: 20-25g

Grind Settings: 35 (Turkish to Cold brew+)

Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Silicone

  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Cinch-top Carrying Bag
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush

The Timemore C3S represents the evolution of the popular Timemore C2, a customer favorite cherished for its superb value and grind quality. Taking a significant leap forward, the C3S introduces upgraded burrs, a sturdy aluminum body reinforced with robust bracing, and an expanded grind range covering espresso to French press—all of this at a remarkable price point under $100. Whether you're in pursuit of an economical hand grinder to complement your pour-over or manual espresso setup, the C3S (brew-focused) and C3 ESP (espresso-focused) stand out as our top picks.

What distinguishes the C3S and C3 ESP from the C2 is their versatility. Equipped with Timemore's S2C 660 burr set, these grinders are crafted to handle the entire spectrum of grind sizes, from ultra-fine to coarser grinds suitable for any brewing method. However, a notable distinction arises between the C3S and C3 ESP in terms of their grind adjustments. The C3S provides around 35 usable steps of grind adjustment, where each click induces a more substantial change in grind size compared to the C3 ESP. On the other hand, the C3 ESP boasts approximately 100 usable grind settings, making it an ideal choice for making minute adjustments needed for espresso preparation. The C3S excels in facilitating quick and efficient grind size changes for pour-over or immersion methods.

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