Intelligent Thermos Tea Infuser


This smart insulated infuser bottle will change your tea game forever. Featuring an LED temperature display, ceramic coated stainless steel interior, and a gravity locking tea infuser lid with stainless steel strainer. Drinking your favorite tea has never been so smart and easy!


11.8 oz


No more burnt tongue!

Large screen smart temperature display makes it easy to understand the temperature of the liquid inside. The screen turns off automatically after approximately 3 seconds, no charging needed.

Keep it even more straight forward with the three color displays:

blue: under 30°C, suitable for drinking
green: 30-65°C, recommend to drink
red: 66-99°C, use caution

Made in China

Stainless steel, ceramic lining, glass.

Hand wash only. Use only non-abrasive cleaners.

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