Good Tidings - Holiday Sweet

12 oz. Bag$23

  • Seasonal
  • Light Roast

Sweet, bright, balanced, and spicy, Good Tidings is the perfect combination of fruit and spice: just right for crisp snowy mornings. Look for notes of mulled citrus, raspberry candy, molasses, and ripe black cherry. Pair with Leg Lamp, our bold holiday blend, for the perfect gift! Available for a limited time only.

Tasting Notes

  • Mulled Citrus
  • Raspberry Candy
  • Molasses
  • Ripe Black Cherry

Hario V60

The V60 was designed in Japan and the name comes from the vector 60, or the 60º angle of its cone. This easy to use and elegant brewer is the go-to for many home coffee enthusiasts because it makes a great cup no matter the coffee.

Sourcing & Processing

This seasonal coffee is a blend from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. Worka Sakaro is a small high altitude area in the Gedeb district in Ethiopia. Approximately 300 small farm holders deliver coffee to the local mill each year.

The anaerobic process starts with selecting the ripest cherries using a brix meter to measure the mucilage content. The cherries are then soaked in a tank to separate out any that float. The denser cherries sink to the bottom and are immediately transferred to raised beds to remove excess water before they are packed in special plastic bags. After approximately 16 hours the fermentation process starts. The oxygen is then removed from the plastic bags to start the anaerobic processing. Depending on the outside temperature and weather the fermentation can take anywhere from 3-7 days. Once the Ph level and color are perfect, the coffee is transferred to raised beds for final drying.

Worka Sakrao, Ethiopia

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