Day 7 | Costa Rica Carlos Fernández Morera

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  • Light Roast
  • Washed Process

This delicious coffee was grown by Carlos Fernández Morera on his farm, El Cerro, in San Rafael de San Ramón. Carlos has over 60 years of farming experience and has developed a deep connection to his trees and the soil he works. The plot of the farm where this award-winning lot originates is called Diamante (“the Diamond”). Ripe cherries are picked, pulped, fermented in sealed tanks, washed, and dried. This results in an intense and amazingly full-flavored cup with a gingersnap cookie, dried candied fruit, and butterscotch aroma.

Tasting Notes

  • Tamarind
  • Apple Pie
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Gingersnap Cookie


Form meets function in the classically beautiful Chemex brewer. Grind size is critical when brewing with this method since the brew bed can get large. Use a coarser grind to experience bright and floral fruit notes.

Sourcing & Processing

This is Carlos Fernández Morera's 62nd season growing coffee in San Rafael de San Ramón. He has a deep connection to his trees and the soil he works. “Coffee is a very grateful crop,” he says. “If you dedicate a little love, it responds very well… The earth is a living element, we must take care of it..."

Ripe cherries are picked, pulped, and put in sealed tanks to start the anaerobic fermentation process. Temperature, brix, pH, pressure, and time are all carefully controlled. The goal is to enhance the coffee's natural flavors. The coffee is then patio dried for 3 days before being moved to raised beds to dry for an additional 18 days. This process brings out the ripe fruit flavors and browned sugar sweetness.

Carlos Fernández Morera

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