Day 6 | Kenya Muranga Gondo Double Washed Peaberry

8 oz. Bag$22

  • Light Roast
  • Washed Process

These highly sought after single seed coffee cherries were selected from the crops of over 700 small farms in Muranga, Kenya. For this double washed process, the coffee is hand-sorted, depulped, washed, soaked in fresh water, and dried on raised beds. The cup is extremely bright and sweet with sparkling acidity that tingles the tongue and a buttery texture.

Tasting Notes

  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Nutty
  • Fuji Apple
  • Red Ripe Mango

Kalita Wave

The flat bottom of this handy brewer is the key to making a consistently delicious cup, forcing water to reach all crevices of the ground coffee and developing a richer flavor along the way.

Sourcing & Processing

Peaberry, or single seed, coffee cherries are rare and highly sought after. They represent only about 5% of a given harvest. These were selected from the crops of over 700 small farms near the Gondo Factory in Muranga. This area, in the uplands of the Aberdare Mountain range, boasts rich red volcanic soil that is perfect for coffee cultivation.

The cherries are hand-sorted for ripeness, floated for density, and depulped before being washed. Next they are soaked in fresh water for a number of days to stop sugar fermentation. Finally, they are moved to raised bed to dry for two weeks. This results in a sweet, floral cup with strong citrus flavors and a refined elegance.

The Gondo Factory in Muranga, Kenya

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