Bolivia Manantial Gesha

12 oz. Bag$30

  • Light Roast
  • Single Origin

The 4th place winner of the 2022 Presidential National Tournament in Bolivia, this elegant gesha is not to be missed. Brown sugar, spice, and floral aromas lead into a cup that is surprisingly saturating and juicy, with a moderate, pleasing acidity and a silky body.

Tasting Notes

  • Peach
  • White Wine
  • Elderflower

"Elegantly sweet structure with delicate, bright acidity; silky, vibrant mouthfeel. Flavor-saturated finish centered around notes of magnolia and cocoa nib, complicated by undertones of nutmeg."

Review Date: January 2023

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1305 masl

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Clever Dripper

A combination of immersion and pour over, the Clever makes it easy to get a full bodied cup of coffee by steeping the coffee, like a French Press, then filtering it like a V60.

Sourcing & Processing

Caranavi, Bolivia
Caranavi, Bolivia

Angel Manami Chambi, his wife, and their children have been producing coffee for over five years on their farm, Finca Manantial, in Caranavi, Bolivia. Chambi is pleasantly surprised to be counted among the best coffee producers in Bolivia. He hopes the success of his small farm will allow him to support his family and most importantly, allow his children to focus on their education.

This micro-lot is Finca Manatial's first gesha crop to bear fruit. Gesha coffee can be challenging to cultivate because the delicate nature of the plant requires specific conditions to grown and thrive. The location of the farm, with its high altitude and colder climate, makes even the washing process exacting. According to Chambi, the beans need to ferment for up to 28 hours to achieve an optimal wash.

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