Moccamaster KBGT Select

Thermal Carafe$349

The Moccamaster KBGT Select by Technivorm delivers barista-style brewed coffee with its precise temperature system and borosilicate glass lined stainless steel carafe. It has an automated shut-off for maximum convenience, allowing for peace of mind and the perfect cup every time.


Moccamaster brewers will ship directly from the manufacturer. Local Pickup is not available.



Uses #4 Filters


  • Use any #4 filter
  • Automatic Drip-Stop
  • 1.25 L / 40 oz / 10 cup capacity

Simple to use with a quiet brew process, the KBGT makes a full carafe of coffee in 4-6 minutes.

The copper boiling element rapidly heats water to a brewing temperature of 196°F - 205°F and automatically shuts off when the water reservoir is empty.

The boiling action moves the water up the glass tube, where it flows into the outlet arm and pulses over the brew basket, blooming the coffee grounds in a manual pour-over style.

The cone-shaped brew basket steeps the coffee grounds, extracting the coffee's full flavor and maximizing its complexity, taste, and aroma.

The stainless steel carafe maintains coffee quality, integrity, and taste for up to an hour. Every thermal carafe comes with a Brew-Thru Lid and Travel Lid.

Moccamaster builds their coffee brewers and grinders to work hard day after day, maintaining their quality for years and even decades. Every Moccamaster has a 5-year warranty, and they will repair it for life. See Manufacturer's Manual for details.

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