Matcha Tea Gift Set


  • Tea Gear

This matcha tea ceremonial gift set is perfect for leveling up your matcha tea drinking experience. Ideal for beginners and longtime matcha lovers, it includes everything you need to start enjoying matcha at home: bamboo whisk and bamboo scoop, with ceramic whisk holder-stand and green and white glazed ceramic bowl. Chawan and stand are dishwasher safe.


Makes ~ 1 cup


Set Includes:

  • Matcha Bowl
  • Bamboo whisk
  • Bamboo scoop
  • Whisk holder

Bowl made in Japan, all other items made in China

To make Matcha green tea, put half a teaspoon of powder in a cup.

To get a better consistency you can use a sieve for seeding tea powder.

Pour hot (175°F, not boiled) water (approximately ¼ cup), then whisk with the special tea bamboo whisk until a small amount of foam appears.

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