Loca Ceramic Dripper

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Seemingly a solid piece of artwork, however this special ceramic system is composed of countless micropores through which coffee is filtered. The unique three-dimensional ceramic technology removes any unpleasant tastes and draws out the essence of coffee, which is clear, smooth, and not at all bitter. No paper filters necessary! When brewing three times a week, you save 150 filters a year!




  • Made in Japan
  • Ceramic
  • After each use, gently rinse filter with water only. The use of detergent may bind to the pores, spoiling future beverage flavor.
  • Rinse until water coming out of the filter becomes clear.
  • Brews: 2-3 Cups
  • Outer Diameter: 4.92"
  • Height: 3.93"

Since the pores of the filter are extremely fine, clogging occurs after repeated use. If the flow rate becomes lower, clogging is beginning to occur. Follow the instruction below to clear a clogged filter.

Put baking soda (2 tsp) in a boiling pot and boil the filter for 10-20 min.

  • Be sure that the top of filter is facing up.
  • Before use, please rinse well with warm water to clean off the baking soda.
  • Please be sure to use baking soda that is sold as safe for human consumption (i.e., sold for use as a food additive or as an antacid).
  • The filter will be extremely hot after boiling. Please be sure to let the filter cool before use.
  • The filter may break if cooled immediately.
  • Clogging may not be dissolved if not boiled long enough.
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