Grosche Milano Moka Pot


The Milano Stone from Grosche is a classic Italian stovetop espresso maker, also called a Moka pot. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys strong coffee or a shot of espresso. Unlike other filter coffee makers, this brewing method extracts more caffeine and flavors through light pressure in the funnel filter. This gives stovetop espresso a stronger and richer cup than a standard percolator.


Makes ~ 9.3 oz

GROSCHE International is a B-Corp based in Canada. Founded in a basement in 2006 with visions of a social enterprise that could change the world. They use the profits from the sale of their coffee, tea, and hydration products to fund the GROSCHE Safe Water Project.

The Safe Water Project gives community members access to safe drinking water by installing Biosand water filters in remote and poor locations.

  • Brews great with - Old Crow, Flight, Waxwing, Ethiopia
  • Ratio: 1:15
  • Grind: Espresso
  • Compatible on all gas, electric and propane camping stoves. Does not work well on induction stove tops
  • Certified safety valve to avoid any internal pressure build up
  • Burn guard and soft touch handle
  • Replacement parts available from Grosche
  • Every Milano Steel sold provides 50+ days of safe drinking water

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot can be challenging, with less control over brewing variables and extraction time. But by using the technique explained in these step-by-step instructions, you can brew an exemplary, nuanced cup of coffee.

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